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“It’s the parents who really make the difference.  Parents who will go to any lengths it takes to heal their children.  We don’t mean chasing snake oil remedies or desperately pursuing false hope because they’re too emotional to see sense.  And we don’t mean those refusing to accept their child the way they are.  We mean well educated, loving parents who adore their child - their challenges and strengths, in equal measure - and will persevere, no matter what it takes, to provide the best future possible for their unique, extraordinary child.  That’s why we want to do whatever we can to help.”

Simone Lanham and Geoff Sewell are New Zealanders living in London.  Due to their own experience with their eldest daughter, since 2005, which proved to them that Autism is treatable, they set up this Foundation to help other families in NZ.

Many children and adults with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have co-morbid health problems. Recent large-scale studies have confirmed that several medical conditions are significantly more prevalent in people with autism compared to the typical population - and these can be substantially improved with appropriate, safe treatments to increase quality of life.  This is true of the Sewell’s experience with their daughter.  She had severe health problems which were underlying her ASD diagnosis. With relevant, safe, researched, targeted treatments using functional medicine and integrative health practitioners, and holistic biomedical and behavioural therapies their daughter improved from severe autism to living an independent, happy life. 

The Sewell family, regardless of whatever words the media choose to say or not say about them when the Sewells speak out to help others, don’t talk about cures or ‘battling’ autism nor do they wish to disrespect anyone living with autism who feels differently to their opinion.  They are, however, telling their own unique story from their own unique perspective, which is their truth.  The Sewells speak out with the intention to help other families.  The Foundation seeks to discover information to empower parents; parents can then decide how they feel about that information and decide what they feel is appropriate to help their unique child, to improve the whole family’s quality of life.

The Sewell Foundation aims to raise awareness for families affected by autism, and the public, that current research has proven Autism is treatable in a large percentage of cases; and - in various cases - preventable.

Autism is treatable.  Recovery is possible.
Autism Research Institute (ARI), USA








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